General information

ASTAR, the Arctic Strategic Transportation and Resources strategic plan, will identify a series of cumulative benefits that might be derived through the connections of communities in the North Slope and Northwest Arctic Boroughs.

These cumulative benefits will include increased cultural connectivity, reduction in costs to North Slope communities for dry goods, fuel and consumables, decreased cost for rehabilitation of legacy wells in the NPR-A, more efficient development of state and federal hydro carbon resources and increased economic activity providing job opportunities for the region.

ASTAR will provide the impetus for rapid development of recommendations for “shovel ready” projects in short order fostering economic investment in the North Slope region. The identification of cumulative benefits will provide a positive offset to the Bureau of Land Management’s identification and focus on cumulative impacts to development in the region.

The identified projects would provide community connectivity and connectivity for resource development and remediation through:

  • Use of a landscape approach to identify and evaluate strategic arctic resources in the North Slope region; specifically community infrastructure, resource development potential, and regional connection needs.
  • Collaborative work with communities, the North Slope Borough and other key stakeholders in the region to develop a shared vision and support responsible resource development.
  • Identifying potential development opportunities that offer the most benefit to the region, so that these projects can be advanced to the pre-implementation stage.
  • Connecting communities and resources to be able to maximize investment dollars for maximum public benefit.

With these efforts these past years below for your use and reference are studies developed and please understand we are still in contact for the last phase of ASTAR that include laptops with all these studies and village specific info from the village trips.


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